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ABC Solar Incorporated
24454 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
CA License B, C-46 #914346

ABC Solar is a custom design / build solar contractor. We specialize in creating visually important solar installations. Our effort is to retrofit solar so it looks part of a building's design. Challenge us! We are ready, willing and able.

California - Japan - Mexico - Italy and more. ABC Solar is available for global solar projects. Our home is sunny southern California and our reach is to fulfill your dreams.

We are experts at Commercial, Residential and Utility Scale Solar. From 1KW to 80 MW, we have participated in some of the largest solar projects on the planet.


The Solar Awning

A New Offering!

18 Solarworld 290 watt solar panels
SolarEdge and Optimizers

The Solar Awning allows dual use of the solar panels to shade the upper bedroom windows.

ABC Solar is your design team. Our mandate is to make solar installations look fabulous and use the best available equipment.

See more ABC Solar Installation Videos here.

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We provide a turnkey service
Rebate pre-processing, Design and Permitting, Supply
Installation by our expert team, Rebate post-processing, Excellent support and communication


ABC SOLAR is an Authorized SolarWorld Installer

Solar Ground Mount System

36 LG Solar 320 watt solar panels
SolarEdge and Optimizers
SnapNrack Mounting System

A perfect location overlooking the Pacific Ocean this 11.5 KW system is connected to two SolarEdge Inverters. Solaredge was purposefully chosen for its upgradability for batttery storage systems. The LG Solar Panels shine like diamonds and could be hung on your wall as art.

ABC Solar is your design team. Our mandate is to make all of our solar installations waterproof and criss-cross level. See more ABC Solar Installation Videos here.

Call ABC Solar today! 1-310-373-3169

Designing and Installing Beautiful Solar Systems by ABC Solar

ABC Solar was founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2001. Over the years we have installed systems all over California. We continue to seek new locations and partners to install more solar.

We have 15 years designing and installing solar systems and feel like we are just getting started. This is our collection of process photos and specifics to the variety of roofs ABC Solar has installed on. The key to our continued success has been these details and comments that you are about to read and view.

The key to a successful installation is understanding the energy problem of the home or business. ABC Solar defines it as a problem because the monthly outflow of cash is something that can be fixed, stopped and reversed. Many factors determine the size and type of a solar system to build. The key constraints to solar generation are:

1. Nearest Utility Substation size
2. Feeder Size from Utility
3. Main Panel Amp Size
4. Equipment Space Needs
5. Roof or Ground Space
6. Actual Building Electrical Usage
7. Shade and Obstructions
8. Permit Process
9. Rules and Size Regulations
10. Financing

NEW! The Solar Awning by Power-Structures is an engineered solution for creative solar panel installation.
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