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Why choose ABC Solar for Grid Tie Installation?
Solar Electric Grid Tie

ABC Solar Incorporated

ABC Solar has been designing and installing solar electric grid-tie systems since 2000. We deploy our systems based on the best available solar and inverter technology. Each roof and home requires close attention to detail to maximize solar power and potential. We can source just about any solar panel, inverter or racking system. Our focus on high-quality and choosing the right system for each project.

ABC Solar Incorporated
24454 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
P: 1 310 373 3169
E: Solar@ABCsolar.com

Founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2001
Founder & President: Bradley L. Bartz

California Licensed Contractor
#914346 B-General & C-46 Solar

Early Adopter and Current References Available

The ABC Solar Installation Team Checklist

The ABC Solar team is trained to look at each property and identify key standard items that are required in system design. The purpose of a thorough site visit is to accurately build a system that gets built to original design. This helps every stakeholder in the process feel comfortable, saves time and money.

Our first checks are summarized as roof integrity and distance verification. We check for spacing of and size of the rafters. Most roofs are 16 inch on center with 2” x 8” timber. These are perfect for solar as they need no structural improvements.

On the ground we are concerned about the distance from the proposed solar array to the main panel and our grid-tie connection point. We can be far, but the wire size has to be right to carry the current without significant loss.

Conduit Location and Length:
-Array to Inverter ________ft
-Inverter to Service Panel ________ft

This is key to size the wire to be ready for the amps and voltage of the solar panel array. Wire sizing tables that check temperature, amps and distance are used for this purpose.

Please take these on-site photos

____ Overall views of site structure, fences, vegetation, gas, water, etc)
____ Roof, multiple
____ Main Panel from distance showing
placement on structure
____ Close up of Main Panel
____ Inside of Main Panel to show breakers
____ Main breaker
____ Label inside Main Panel cover
____ Truss/rafter tails
____ Close up of roof tile
____ Close up of eaves
____ Vents or roof obstructions
____ Possible shading problems
____ Other concerns

ABC Solar is a Family Owned and Operated Design Build Construction Company.

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