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Solar Street Lights Bring Safety and Beauty to the World

MISSION: 5 million in Sierra Leone do not have electricity. Our mission is to get a MINI GRID Unit with a Tablet that has 1000's of books into the homes of 5 million.

The Mission is to bring 5 million into the light and education faster than anytime in history.

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All in 1 Solar LED
Street Light
with USB Power Plug

MGU50 -Solar Streetlight with USB - 50 watt solar panel, 600 watt battery

MGU30 - Solar PatioLIght with USB - 30 watt solar panel, 300 watt battery

Mini Grid Units provide bright light and USB to power devices.

The first step in home backup will also be the FIRST LIGHT for villages of Sierra Leone.

  • "Leap Frog" technology deployment
  • Adoption curve, impact
  • Job creation
  • Social impact

    Leap Frog:

    The MINI GRID UNIT combines a 50-watt solar panel, 600-watt battery, charge controller and USB 5v cable to run devices. A 30-watt with 300-watt battery also.

    The MGU is designed to provide both lighting and a power source that enables internet access and distribution of digital content.


    Working with Leyond Lighting we added a USB 5v 2a power cord. This instantly turned the simple solar streetlight into a MINI GRID UNIT! Whether mounted on a pole, a wall or hung from a tree, the MGU gives light and power. MGU can be wired together to increase power yield for special projects.

    The Mini Grid Unit can bring light and power for book tablets to more Leoneans quicker.

    The Adoption Curve: The ultimate goal of delivering an MGU network is to help Sierra Leone win a leadership position in developing, designing and deploying renewable energy resources across Africa.

    The immediate goal is to deliver 1 million MGUs to Sierra Leone. Once they are deployed, the next step is to establish a local supply chain for producing units that would then be exported across the continent.

    Jobs: Based on our experience deploying MGUs in the U.S., each unit creates a total of X work days. A deployment of 1 million units would create X million work days, or about x jobs.

    Social Impact: In Japan I took people "out-of-the-box" and unleashed their creativity and potential. This project to bring First Light and Talking Books to Leoneans will have positive social impact.


    1 Million units imported and community installed

    2 Million units assembled in Sierra Leone with global parts

    2 Million units made 100% in Sierra Leone and repeat to export to Africa and the world.


    Selling kwh at $0.68 did not work. The pain point is not the solar generation but the cost of the batteries at that time were expensive.

    Focused use of increased productivity to create new value that in part can be used to pay for the Micro Grid System.

    Used Electric Car Batteries are a cheap way to store household use power. Huge opportunities abound in repurposing Electric Vehicles.

    Some places in Sierra Leone will generate kWh really cheap. Like, very well run and high tech hydro water plants. EV fleets are charged at cheap locations and move around city to inject electricity to grid.

    Also known as Rolling Storage, Electric Vehicle are an "Appliance" not just a car.

    Sneaker Net - this is the term for using a floppy disk to hand off information before the Internet was available. What it meant was someone wearing sneakers would walk the date over.

    So, for Sierra Leone we see similarities to Internet adoption in Japan in the early 1990s to now the quest for light for 5,000,000 Leoneans with Mini Grid Units.


    The use of natural geography and mother nature to store for 24-hour reliable utility grids. For example, pumping water to high place and letting it drop. Or, melting metal in a "liquid metal battery" that is a stunning use of WWII technology that was used to rebuild Europe. Where we can find "Chemical Free" storage capabilities we win.

    The financial modeling for Municipal Grid and National Grid generation and distribution assets. ABC Solar experience in modeling the Japanese Feed-In-Tariff into a Solar Bond will be used in Sierra Leone. Specifically, the use of Three Forms of Financing in Renewable and Dirty Energy Utility can lead to long-term success. ABC Solar does understand the use of Dirty Energy Fuels in the short term to goose electrical production as it has a direct impact on the livelihood and productivity of Leoneans. The three financing forms are:

    1. Development Financing - Very Risky

    2. Project Financing - Risky

    3. Syndication Financing - De-Risked

    ABC Solar has web based tools for utility scale renewable energy development management. These Oracle based tools will be ported to Sierra Leones unique utility and financial environment. The purpose is to put firm resolve in getting these energy projects up and running as quickly as possible while managing the intricate technical and safety needs of electrical construction and generation.


    When Sierra Leone understands the De-Risked value of a new utility transmission network and new generation it will start to be able to bring forward project equity. Project Development could be "nationalized" thereby removing all risk from that stage. Basically I see the Sierra Leone government and universities getting site permitting and to an international standard of "Shovel Ready".

    Finally, ABC Solar restates that The key objectives of the assignment are as follows:

    A. Objective 1 - Financial Analysis and Evaluation / Selection of Strategic Options for a Private Sector Participation (PSP) Transaction Structure for the EDSA.

    B. Objective 2 - Technical Assistance for Tendering and Procurement and Indicative Timetable

    To meet key objectives ABC Solar proposes "Bottom-Up" MINI GRID UNITS for First Light.

    Contact: Bradley Bartz




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