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Solar Hot Tub by ABC Solar

The fuel from the sun is being used to do TWO primary jobs with the Amazing Solar Hot Tub Kit.

Power a 12v circulation pump (solar electric)

Heat the water (solar thermal)

Basically we take water from your hot tub to the 12v circulation pump. This pump operates at 3 to 5 GPM (gallons per minute) depending on the size of the solar electric panel (bigger panel, more flow) and how much sun is hitting said panel. The pump we use can move water as high as 60 feet of head. It requires more power to go higher. Our 68 watt solar electric panel does really well up to 20 feet of head.

The Solar Thermal panel(s) now come into play. The water from the circulation pump is pushed thru the solar thermal panels and this is where we gain the heat in the water. The Amazing Solar Hot Tub Kit features a 4' x 20' solar thermal panel. This 80 sq. ft. panel is rated at 80,000 btu in heating power. Once the water is pushed thru the Solar Thermal Panels it is returned to your hot tub. At peak sun we find up to a 30 degree F increase in tempature from the hot tub source to the return solar heated water.

Sound simple so far? The Amazing Solar Hot Tub Kit can be incorporated into the plumbing of existing hot tubs, but we recommend keeping the systems seperate. This allows you to be very flexible on how you use the Solar Hot Tub kit.

Since we have the water flowing at 3 to 5 GPM we were inspired by a customer to add inline filtration. We added an inline cartridge small pool filter. This allowed the Amazing Solar Hot Tub Kit to do three jobs...pump, filter, and heat.


Some great things came from the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. During the storm and its aftermath we came to consider ways to sterilize the water with UV Canisters. We found by adding an inline UV sterilizer to our Amazing Solar Hot Tub Kit we could make the hot tub crystal clear and can almost qualify it as safe to drink! Now our Amazing Solar Hot Tub Kit is doing four jobs:

  • Pump
  • Filter
  • Heat
  • Sterilize

    The Water from The Amazing UV Solar Hot Tub DELUX Kit is silky and has no smell. The water is amazing.

    (1) Water enters the purifier and flows into the annular space between the quartz sleeve and the chamber wall.
    (2) Within the chamber, water is exposed to intense germicidal ultraviolet radiation.
    (3) Transformer with LED indicator light provides visual indication of germicidal lamp operation.
    (4) Water leaving the purifier is instantly ready for use.

    Now, the inline cartridge filter and the UV Sterilizer are optional items. We strongly suggest them, but do not require.

    Solar Jets!!!

    Learn about our latest addition to our Solar HotTub Kit -- Solar Powered Jets!

    We use a 1HP solar powered DC pump with three solar panels at 180 watts each to generate tremenduous power for relaxing water jets. With batteries and more solar electric panels we do circulation, filtration and UV sterliziation 24 hours a day. This would make for exceptional water.

    Our vision of a complete off-the-grid solar hot tub is here. And, with a call, it can be yours too.

    Please call us at 1-310-373-3169 to place your order today.

    The key system design principle for the Amazing Solar Hot Tub is:

    When there is enough sun to power the 12v pump,there is enough sun to heat the water

    The Amazing Solar Hot Tub is product of ABC Solar Incorporated.

    Call for details:

    ABC Solar Incorporated 24454 Hawthorne Bl. Torrance, California 90505

    PH: 310-373-3169 Email: Sales@ABCsolar.com

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