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FRED Might Save the World

Los Angeles, California – February 29, 2020 – The leap year and its day brought the quick thought that FRED, the Fire Eating Dragon can save the world. A powerful emotion as FRED hears from the heavy-lift drone manufacture that it is now funded and ready to build our craft. We are building the drone for FRED’s Airborne Fire Netting System for Wildfire Suppression Drone-Carried Fire Net.

FRED, The Fire Eating Dragon might save the world.

In China the slide hit me like a ton of bricks. You know those big letters on the power point presentation simply said: A single spark can start a prairie fire.

FRED was not born yet, but FRED exists, or should I say, fire netting materializes to put out that fire. Chairman Mao meet FRED The Fire Eating Dragon.

The Fire Eating Dragon Drone Carries Fire Netting to Capture Wildfire embers is a “simple” innovation deployable with off-the-shelf technology. The Fire Eating Dragon grows in effectiveness with the derived innovation of Swarm Drone Technology, Thermal Imaging and Artificial Intelligence to target control the Fire Eating Dragon. Our Phase I effort is to reach real-world testing capabilities.

Every year wildfires do enormous damage throughout the world. Some wildfires in recent years have killed dozens of people, burned hundreds and even thousands of homes and other structures, and inflicted billions of dollars in damage. Wildfires such as the 2017 Paradise fire in Northern California and the 2018 Woolsey fire in Southern California are regularly driven by strong dry winds. Wildfires driven by winds of 40 mph or stronger they are nearly impossible to stop, in part because burning embers particularly from trees can fly hundreds of yards, and sometimes even miles, allowing the fire to quickly hopscotch from one location to multiple new location creating new ignition points far away.

Palm trees in particular have been identified as constituting "fire-bombs" that shed burning large burning palm fronds from high in the air that often float for long distances before they finally land. Many climate experts predict that the losses of life and property due to wildfires will increase as average temperatures increase due to climate change.

Accordingly, there exists a need for improved methods of suppressing wildfires.

Billions in damage might be prevented with full deployment of our FRED The Fire Eating Dragon system. The customer is governments and private citizens that will lease our operations during emergency events.

CalFire R&D stated, “The reality is that fire line is sometimes miles long or wide coupled with wind and other factors it would be nearly impossible to catch every ember.”

The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection stated: “CAL FIRE does not have funding to sponsor/fund private parties in the research and development of fire protection technologies.”

Not very encouraging for average innovators. To me, these are fighting words.

First in the exasperation of “nearly impossible” to catch every ember. I look at this differently, every ember captured potentially stops the exponential growth of wildfires.

Second, the fact my state does not have funding for fire prevention technologies from private parties is the height of stupidity. Third, it is most likely that this statement is not true, e.g. state does indeed have funds for R&D. This Silocrat just fails to disclose it.

With CalFire hiding that makes the market opportunity exceptionally large. I believe that leap-frog technologies replace the status quo. My career is leading the adoption of and the development of new technologies.

About FRED

FRED The Fire Eating Dragon is a Patent Pending Airborne Fire Netting System for Wildfire Suppression Drone-Carried Fire Net invented by Bradley Lawrence Bartz, founder of ABC Solar Incorporated, author, and family man. FRED scales so beginning efforts are underway, we are seeking investors to launch a FRED Airforce. The FRED Airforce is a mild-mannered postal delivery drone with FRED ready to be deployed individually or to swarm to capture wildfire embers. Learn more at www.FireNetting.com.

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