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ABC Solar Letter to Stakeholders about CoronaVirus (reposted for posterity sakes. We are Open!)

Dear ABC Solar Stakeholders,

The CoronaVirus is serious and at ABC Solar we have closed construction operations during this emergency. This has been done for several key reasons:

1. Safety – we can not put our team at risk

2. Safety – we can not put you at risk

3. Safety – period.

This is hard as my team has now filed for unemployment protection, including myself. As ABC Solar’s leader I had to make this decision based on safety and the fact that the CoronaVirus hit during our annual slow season. As many of you know, the other reason is Southern California Edison has been cheating our last year of solar clients. Please see www.SolarPanic.com for details and help us stop them.


1. SCE will not turn off your power if you can not pay your bill.

2. SCE will give you 6 months to pay any non-paid-bill after the state of emergency is over with no penalty or extra fees.

3. Please see www.cpuc.ca.gov – look under Covid19 links

4. This also seems true for your communications bills.


1. Buy food before you pay SCE.

2. Buy others food before you pay SCE.

3. Make sure to call SCE and say you need the bill protection.

4. Do not abuse this by using so much more power. Please.

Tomoko, Bradley Jr. and myself have been in personal isolation for 6 weeks. We have made this decision with the experience of living in Asia and when Russia closed the border with China. We are really geared towards educating everyone that being careful can save your life and that of others.

Being not-careful or ignoring isolation is dumb. If you are right that this is nothing, then following isolation is only an inconvenience. If you are wrong and this is a killer that its showing to be, then you risk everyone. Please heed and love your fellow man by isolating.


Our neighbor lives alone and is 84 years old. She is going stir crazy by this isolation and keeps breaking out to go shopping or have her nails done. She is as cute as a button but acts like a teenager. Tomoko, Miranda (our Rottweiler) and I visit her multiple times every day. We are planting a garden for food with her. Note, for past three months she has been giving my dog a treat everyday at 4pm. (she even gives me ice cream.) Uh. Oh… She Pavlov’s Dog me! We laugh and, well, cry everyday now with her.

Please keep in communication with your neighbors. – Say hello from a safe distance. Wave from the window. Smile. And make sure that they have food and are safe. Please.


We are still in business and will survive this CoronaVirus emergency. Our focus is to book future business and schedule work when we have a long supply of work for our team. We do not feel comfortable doing piece meal work to try and keep guys busy.

We will also not do any work that requires indoors access. If we do work the team will drive separate cars and have their own tools. Even a garage is not ok for us to be in. This means that we will be working while this crisis is still going on as we have to get back to work too. But, we do not know when we will restart construction operations. We will watch, wait and decide.

We are available by telephone for all solar troubleshooting for our clients, and as you know, anyone that calls. Most of the time we can fix a system over the phone by guiding the client how to reset, etc.

Please tell your friends that ABC Solar is open and ready to plan their solar system.

For 20 years our firm and family has been thrilled by spinning the meter backwards and our great clients. I have always felt that our solar clients are the best!

If you need any thing please call. I know a lot of people and am very happy to at least try.

Please stay safe and sane out there!

We love you.

Bradley Bartz
ABC Solar Inc
1-310-993-3240 – my cell phone
1-310-373-3169 – office line
1-310-241-1458 – home

Social Distancing Sucks. (But it is important!)


Panels:Sharp ND-167U1




CITY:Rancho Palos Verdes

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