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Brill Glass & Steel Solar Estate - Rancho Palos Verdes, California
- 4.28 Grid-Tie Solar and 1KW pool circulation
A modern steel and glass flat-roofed "pool house" designed by Grillias and Lau in 1955 is the location for an extensive solar installation by ABC Solar in 2007.

The solar installation is on the south-west corner of the one acre property, with an array of 32 Mitsubishi 165 watt electric panels in two rows mounted along the steel i-beams that act as an open-air cover for the pool. The solar panels are pointed south at a 15 degree tilt to achieve maximum summer solar production and to allow the panels to self-clean when it rains. Six of the solar panels are being routed to a DC Solar powered Pool pump that does the circulation and filtration for the pool. This 1.5HP DC pump will do 60 to 90 Gallons per minute during its solar production day.

- - 3KW Grid-Tie Solar
24x Kyocera 130 watt solar electric panels with a Magnatek Inverter

Mr Tuxford said this about his installation, "There is a real additional benefit, though, to having solar panels: that benefit is the satisfaction that you personally are doing something to fight global warming by using less energy from coal fired fossil fueled generating plants."

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