Solar Pool Pump

The hotest thing in Solar today

6KW DC Grid-Tie Solar Electric system with 1KW Solar Pool Pump.

  • 6x - Mitsubishi Solar Panels PV-MF165EB4 direct to 1.5 HP Solar Pool Pump
  • 36x - Mitsubishi Solar Panels PV-MF165EB4 Grid-Tie with SunnyBoy SB6000US Inverter
  • Solar Pool Heating system. Water is circulated to solar thermal panels via solar pool pump.


  • AVAILABLE NOW! The Solar Pool Pump for circulation is a great kit and a must for any pool onwer. Email:

    NEWS: Federal Energy Bill includes 30% tax credit (no cap) for commercial and residential solar (capped at $2000).

    Solar Powered Pool Pump
    Off-Grid-In-The-City (c)

    This pump is powered directly by 500 watts of solar electric panels and is used specifically for pool circulation. This pump is rated for 58 Gallons Per Minute at 10 feet of head. ABC Solar has matched the following kit:

    1. Sun Pumps 3/4 Horse Power 70V DC Pool Pump
    2. Sharp Solar 167 Watt solar Power - three (3) units wired in series.
    See the Solar Panels specs: Click Here
    3. Mounting hardware will depend on the length of your wire run and the type of your roof.

    Note: We size the Solar Powered Pool Pump kit to turn your pools water 1 and 1/2 times during the solar day. This means for a 20,000 gallon pool we will design the system to pump 30,000 gallons a day.

    Call when you are ready or have questions. 866-40-SOLAR.

    Powered By 3x 165 Watt Solar Panels as shown below. This picture also shows 18 solar panels grid-tie. Going offline in style!